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Miami got a big win at home in Philadelphia this week to keep pace in the tough AFC East. The Dolphins have had a few lapses throughout the past few weeks but have the players on offense in Ryan Tannehill, Lamar Miller and Jarvis Landry to make things exciting. The development of Jay Ajayi as a weapon for Miami could prove to be beneficial for the team down the time and help keep Miller up to speed.

Washington put a smack-down on Washington's Saints at home and Kirk Cousins' perfect 158.3 quarterback rating is a testimony of the ease at which the Saints' quarterback ripped apart New Orleans the defense. Cousins finished the game on 20-25 for 4 touchdowns and 324 yards and his performance could be the one that ended the camel's back for Rob Ryan. The Saints dismissed their defensive coordinator on Monday and while both teams now have four wins, they're trending in different directions.

Tampa Bay is quietly playing some better football of late also. The game was certainly not beautiful or even enjoyable. Jameis Winston threw two picks that reverted to his turnover-prone manner however, the Bucs were able to do enough to defeat the Cowboys away from home. With the way that the Falcons have been performing lately, can Tampa Bay challenge them for the second spot at the top of the division?


The Broncos are fighting through some setbacks currently, and big changes are likely to come in the near future. The same game in which he broke the all-time passing yards record, Peyton Manning was benched in favor of Brock Osweiler. It looks like Osweiler is going to try his hand at it this week. Is it going to be a big enough spark? That's the biggest question, but this Denver offense really has no place to go but up. The Broncos have been perhaps the most ineffective offense of Madden NFL 23 in this year and it's no wonder that Manning has thrown 19 picks, but the Broncos' run game has been disastrous as well. They may have a great defense, but they still need to increase the efficiency of their offense. We'll determine whether Osweiler will help them achieve that.
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