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Mmoexp FIFA 23&_#65306;We’re not reinventing the wheel

  Posté : 17-05-2023 03:03

You never know just what EA will FIFA 23 Coins do with its FUT content. There are more factors at hand than simply who played well. Otherwise, Messi and Ronaldo would have had 20 In-Form cards each FUT season a few years back. We took those factors into consideration as well while coming up with our own Team of the Tournament selections. Going all-in with nothing but our personal opinions wouldn’t really make for a good prediction in this case.

We know for a fact that players like Achraf Hakimi and Jude Bellingham are not receiving a TOTT FUT item, not because they don’t deserve one but because that would make their new World Cup Phenom cards useless in an instant.

We’re expecting more than 11 players to receive a TOTT item, but we stuck with just the starting 11 for this prediction. The ratings given below are what we’d expect them to be if EA does indeed pick these players for their own Team of the Tournament.

We’re not reinventing the wheel with the pool of nations we’re working with for this lineup. There weren’t many players who stood out in the earlier stages of the tournament, at least not enough to break into our first 11. We expect a few such players to fill the rest of the FIFA 23 Team of the Tournament, though.

As far as honorable mentions go, we expect FIFA 23 TOTT cards to also be given to Dominik Livakovi?, Pepe, Casemiro, and Youssef En-Nesyri.Will Cristiano Ronaldo be removed from FIFA 23 Ultimate Team? - Dot Esports"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times for Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United. Last summer, the soccer legend returned as a hero to the club that gave him passage into superstardom and proceeded to become the club2019s top goal scorer in his first cheapest FUT 23 Coins season back at Old Trafford.

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