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The Zeal Sorceress jumps directly into the fray, hacking and slashing through enemies just like a knife through butter. If you think that the Sorceress is just adept at using abilities from afar, this build turns that notion on its head! Similar to the Dream Paladin, this Sorceress uses Passion-granted Zeal and Dual- Dreams to reduce her foes. This Passion-ate Sorceress can slay any foe, including Ubers!

Empowered by Lightning Mastery and Enchant, the Zeal Sorceress pumps out incredible levels of Lightning and Fire Damage (along with a smidgeon of Physical Damage in the weapon itself). You can farm anywhere about this build with Infinity equipped in your Mercenary. The main disadvantage to this build is that it requires expensive and highly specialized gear. With this in mind, the Zeal Sorceress is an incredibly fun and powerful goal for afterward in the Ladder Season!


Barracks + Jail - High Density, Many Elite Groups, Quick Access, Breakable Immunities

Worldstone Keep + Throne of Destruction - High Density, Many Elite Groups, Quick Access, Breakable Immunities

The Tower Cellar - High Density, Many Elite Groups, Breakable Immunities, Boss

Lost City + Valley from the Snakes + Claw Viper Temple - High Density, Many Elite Groups, No Immunities

Pit - High Density, Easy Mobility, Many Elite Groups, Breakable Immunities


Burial Grounds + Crypt + Mausoleum - Low Density, Few Elite Groups, Slow Access, Immunities

Spider Forest + Spider Cavern - Low Density, Few Elite Groups, Immunities

Outer Steppes + Plains of Despair - High Elemental Damage, Tanky Enemies, Immunities

River of Flame + City from the Damned - High Physical Damage, High Elemental Damage Tanky Enemies, Immunities

Provincial - High Elemental Damage, Tanky Enemies, Immunities


This may be the Standard Best in Slot (BiS) Zeal Sorceress featured at the beginning of the guide. It may be the balanced "jack-of-all-trades" version, able to perform probably the most tasks well. This variant may be the point of comparison for those other variants. It carefully balances Damage, Magic Find, Defensive Stats, and Teleport mobility. Crack from the Heavens and Flame Rift improve your damage against their respective Immunities. This setup exceeds the maximum Attack Speed (65% IAS) and achieves the 63% Faster Cast Rate Breakpoint on Weapon-Swap.


The Standard Zeal Sorceress uses an Act 2 Holy Freeze Mercenary with Infinity for -85% to Enemy Lightning Resistance, -85% to Enemy Fire Resistance, and reduced monster Defense from the Conviction Aura. Fortitude and Andariel's Visage socketed having a Ruby Jewel of Fervor maximize this Mercenary's damage and survivability.


Put 1 Skill Point into each of the following Skills:

1. Telekinesis (Max Last)

2. Teleport

3. Static Field

4. Energy Shield

5. Frozen Armor

Max the following Skills within this order:

1. Lightning Mastery

2. Enchant

3. Warmth

4. Fire Mastery

5. Telekinesis

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